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Charles D. Edwards, Jr.
Chief Marketing & Development Officer

About Charles

Charles has over 25 years of experience working in government and public affairs and has a wide range of contacts and experiences to help clients achieve their goals. Business owners and leaders around the country rely on his expertise to find a clear path through complex issues.

Charles began his political career in 1992 working under Chicago Richard M. Daley as an intern in the mayor’s press office ultimately rising to work as an assistant to the mayor (Press Office, Revenue Department, City Counsel Liaison) with his political mentor Tim Degnan in the Intergovernmental Affairs office. After a 10-year career in the public sector, Charles left the mayor’s office to do international consulting for U.S. companies doing business primarily in the Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic.

After accumulating experience in both the public and private sectors Charles has now established the NYCE Group, a full scale consulting and lobbying firm based in the city of Chicago.

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